3D Milling

Precision control of a milled surface

Create efficiency by eliminating the need to set-up stakes and stringline

Use variable depth milling to optimize smoothness

Maintain tight tolerances of 0.01’

Control your removal quantities and trucking costs with 3D milling

What Is 3D Milling?

AMG (Automated Machine Guidance) is the future of pavement profiling. This 3D milling solution is all made possible by adding Trimble’s PCS900 Paving Control System to our fleet and training our best-in-class team to mill in 3D.

The decision to mill in 3D starts in the design phase. Technicians map a 3D model of the existing pavement surface and then use design tools to create a new, virtual 3D surface. This file is transferred to the computer on one of Alpha’s mills. Robotic total stations are then positioned along a project.

The survey equipment and hardware on the mill work together to tie the mill’s location to a spot on the 3D model. During the milling process, automated controls on the milling machine make adjustments to the depth and pitch of the drum to match the 3D surface model. This AMG milling technology allows Alpha to maintain tolerances of 0.01’.

Milling machine and dump truck conducting 3D asphalt milling on a highway, with survey equipment in the foreground.